Partitur für kein Gedicht

Michael Fiedler

Nun kamen andere Brechungen, Zeilen.

               Wie mache ich das immer
                                                                                 (My name east to west)

               ONE HAND CONTROL Schuh            Pfeil auf
Verse                                                                      (I need you)

Ausgehen von Sachlichkeiten /

Isobel's Lonely Heart / Atlantis / One Out Of Many / Joy &
Pain / Capability / Reincarnated / Freedom / Only The Strong
Survive / Piper / Night Shade / Phuture Phunk

Rückgriffe /
                                                                                (One Out Of Many)

                        Zugriff verweigert. (Remember when you
                                                                                first time loved)
                                                                                (                   )

Struktur /
                                                                           (Yes, it's been a long time)
                                                                                (            )


                                                        (Brains breaking unbeating)
                                                                               (Piper          find through)


                                                                                (Got that soul)
                                                         Auto-Repeat or Shuffle

                                                             1997 Beechwood Music, Ltd.