Uljana Wolfs 25 Gedichte gehen zurück auf die »Letters of Calamity Jane to her daugthter« von Jean Hickock McCormick (a.k.a. Janey) aus dem Jahr 1941.

Deadwood Dear / this will never be me / in my
shack night / Was I  the tiny picture of you /
a gaze / and somehow someday / a talking movi

for adventure and excitement / change your name
to Jane for Jane / in fact I am My horse / his
eyes / There are thousands of them / and it
won’t hurt / to be the only human being / On
this page / across the plains

my campfire changed your name to / Jane / Dear
Jane / I sometimes find it impossible to be You
/ such a little mother / you are older than the
indians / and still troublesome /  hidden in
the dead soldiers heads

You Jane I found / scattered about / in my
saddle blanket—your eyes and forehead / lower
jaw and mouth / dont have to attend school /
and when I think of / taking lessons / to write
your name / I call a bunch of outlaws

They lit matches to see me / The sick nurse /
but I will leave you not a pusgutted lie / I
can do better / a real print / like this one
Jane / also 2 gold pins and / when you are old
the gun

I was jealous of every woman / and call her
Jane / but I was just the same Jane / and so
far away / my jealousy was all our trouble / we
both lived a life of lies

another played that part / a different Jane / a
little less than a post office / the Black
Hills brought mail to you / a Copy of Jane / I
now take my pen / I am sorry / I aint got any

Jane is passing under the name of / strange
devil hair / and a billy goat’s preachin / a
roaring camp fire / that Jane / She wont saddle
/ in this book / such a nice home

they think a better mother works / the feathers
/ A turbulent sight / from my perch on the
stage / I did the only think I could—I took
them prisoners to prove / you are so Jane / a
most crazy thing

We were the river under a clump of cottonwood
trees Jane / we branch out like writing / about
fifteen hundred toughs / both men and women /
we run the center of this whirl pool / the
house of Feeley

A force of Feeley / an anomaly by the name of
Feeley / an off Feeley and / an on Feeley / is
what the men want / it burns holes in their
pockets / dirty smelling dens / where a trap
door opens the river / they dump pigeons / I am
telling you / any one a living Creek

the hill / did so many cute things / kneel for
me to dismount / shake hands / One day / the
worst hailstorm / stones as large as a coffee
cup / put out one of his eyes / hundreds of
horses float down the river / asking me to go a

suppose you will ride a horse bareback / stand
up shoot / the air before it falls back on my
head / Of course you know / I have always
wanted a head / I can call my home / there my
sleeping dogs lie / I bake them / one dollar a
cake / some day you might like to know / I made
these outlaws

you my / TWENTY YEAR CAKE / will keep to the
last crumb / This will make the world / think
of me

And now for my—HORSERADISH SAUCE / A cup of
grated horseradish / 2 tablespoons white sugar
/ half teaspoon salt / ½ pint cold vinegar
bottle and seal / this sauce is / magic

make batter and butter / cover me with receipts
/ I haven’t much but I want / You all /
remember the world / is a woman who minds her
own business / in this west

Someday we are / a young kid / the other day—
old cow pokes / and you / a real name / young
and green / no kin of mine / but I have nursed
what I know / like something the cats dragged

Dear Jane / I am planning on seeing you / Dear
Jane / Well I saw you / on a bareback horse /
you dress mighty swell / so Mad / the man

so many you were / Jane / I wanted but Your old
other / And now I name it Jane / for our old
west / and all over the world-Lord! / on air /
and from the tree tops

in plain words / the woman really was / our
experience / so I kept my good health / and my
sense of War / I will write the next time /
there is a heaven for horses / there are no
cold winters Jane

I am not old Jane but / the end of my rope is /
I hope you don’t get the two mixed / Both were
known as me / with log cabin, saddle, trunk of
keepsakes, brooch of gold / My two witnesses
are / the names below

Dear Jane / all liars pound sand in a rat hole
/ I am so blue / I have so many questions / do
you clean your boots / in your arms was I blind
/ are the little things alone / With love

Dear Jane / You say you are a town / I dont see
/ just where that place is / I am sorry I never
knew you / Good Night Deadwood

these little pictures of you / shall live as
Jane / I have many secrets with Jane / My eyes
have cheated me / consider I was lonely / better
known as / my own free will

I had several sisters / I can call Jane / The
only lie in that is / They were killed / They
never knew me / I nursed a name / Then came
to live with her